Genus name: Kokinopterus
Name meaning: "Red wing"
Native name: "Kongamato"
Native name meaning "Overturner of boats"
Diet: Carnivore, Piscivore
Maximum recorded height: 00.61 metres (02.00 feet)
Maximum recorded length: 00.91 meters (03.00 feet)
Maximum recorded wingspan: 02.13 metres (07.00 feet)
Maximum recorded weight: 04.54 kilograms (10.00 pounds)
Island range: Island range
Scientific classification: Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
Order: Pterosauria
Suborder: Pterodactyloidea
Family: Ornithocheiridae
Species: K. sp

A highly evolved pterosaur species living in the swamps and cliff-top caves of the island. Evolved from an ornithocheirid pterosaur possible migrating from Asia. Haopterus and Boreopterus have been suggested as possible ancestors.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Large, bat-like creature. A lizard with bat-like wings. A pterosaur. Wingspan is generally three to four feet although they can grow as large as seven feet. Leathery wings devoid of feathers, like a bat. Reddish in colouration. Has fang like teeth in its beak. The beak is longer than a stork or a pelican. Has a tail.

Biology and BehaviourEdit

Nocturnal. Spend the day in caves. Dangerous. Can inflict wounds with its long beak. Has an unmistakable high-pitched cry. It kills with its bite. Sometimes attacks humans.

Diet and FeedingEdit

Carnivores and scavengers. Favorite food is decaying human flesh. Digs up native graves to eat the flesh of the dead. Feeds on snakes, rodents and carrion. Sometimes attacks humans.

Habitat and DistributionEdit

Live in the caves in the cliffs around the River of Souls. Also found in the swamps in large numbers.